Prodrome Scan

[ prow-drowm skan ]

Prodrome Scans are medical tests used to detect the early signs or symptoms of a particular condition or disease. The term "prodrome" generally refers to the initial stage of an illness, where non-specific symptoms may appear before the full onset of the disease.

A prodrome blood test aims to identify specific biomarkers or indicators in the blood that may suggest the presence of an underlying condition. By analyzing the levels of certain substances, such as antibodies, hormones, or other molecules, the test can help healthcare professionals assess the likelihood of a disease developing or progressing.

The purpose of a prodrome blood test is to provide early warning signs that may prompt further diagnostic investigations or interventions. Early detection of certain diseases can enable timely treatment, management, or prevention strategies, potentially leading to improved outcomes for patients. Prodrome Scans provide a full metabolic biochemical risk analysis that looks at key biomarkers that will assess the risk of cancer, frailty, cognition, MS, cardiac and muscle function to determine the performance status of each key biochemical system.