[ fat-tee fif-teen ]

Also known as C15:0 Pentadecanoic Acid.

The fatty acid Omega-3 is important to cellular membrane function and provides other beneficial properties that are critical, which is why it is considered an essential nutrient. However, a recent study published in the Journal of Dietary Supplements has raised concerns about the rancidity levels in conventional omega-3 fish oil supplements, causing ripples in the wellness industry.

The compromised quality of omega-3 supplements may offer an explanation for the National Institutes of Health's conclusion that "Research indicates that omega-3 supplements don't reduce the risk of heart disease…and for most other conditions for which omega-3 supplements have been studied, the evidence is inconclusive or doesn't indicate that omega-3s are beneficial."

Contrary to the fading scientific support for omega-3s, there is a growing body of evidence supporting C15:0 (pentadecanoic acid). Unlike traditional omega-3 supplements, fatty15 (the brand name for C15:0) not only sidesteps the issues associated with fish oil but also surpasses Omega 3 benefits from fish oil by threefold in efficacy. In fact, Fatty15 went head-to-head against omega-3, and won.

Recent research has indicated that the pure C15:0 in Fatty15 effectively repaired cells relevant to immune, gut, heart, joint, skin, red blood cell, and lung health, demonstrated more than 36 cellular benefits, 3x more than omega-3, repaired 10 out of 12 of cell types, which was 2.5x more than omega-3, and, most importantly, while omega-3 was toxic to cells at the highest doses, Fatty15 was safe at all levels.