[ dee-you-tee-see-aich ]

The DUTCH Test is a lab test used by different healthcare providers, including conventional medical doctors and naturopathic physicians. The test measures clinically relevant markers, including some that are not commonly tested by traditional medicine, such as cortisol metabolites. The DUTCH Test offers a more complete profile of cortisol levels, which is important in observing the up and down daily pattern of cortisol. A healthy stress response should show higher cortisol values in the morning and lower values as the day goes on. The DUTCH Test has been backed by peer-reviewed research and has been published in reputable journals. It is a valid and credible test that can provide useful information for patients undergoing hormone replacement therapy. The test is a viable alternative to serum and saliva for testing cortisol and measuring the diurnal pattern of free cortisol.


DUTCH was developed by Mark Newman, a biochemist and founder of Precision Analytical Inc., a laboratory specializing in hormone testing.