[ del-tuh sli-p in-dyoo-sing pep-tide ]

DSIP (Delta sleep-inducing peptide) is a renowned neuromodulator and sleep promoter found in the brain. It easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and has been studied for over 40 years. It is used for treating sleep issues, pain, stress, low testosterone (by stimulating LH), and even as an antioxidant and anti-cancer protein. DSIP has a pronounced stress-protective effect, reducing stress-related metabolic and functional disorders in humans and animals. It has also been shown to improve hormone levels and physical performance.

Unlike sedatives, DSIP promotes sleep by modulating sleep-wake functions, particularly in cases of disturbed sleep. There are 5 stages of sleep, divided into REM (random eye movement) and NREM (non-random eye movement) sleep, and many sleep aids alter these sleep cycles. However, these cycles are crucial for important physiological processes and anabolic hormone production, which is why DSIP does not change these stages. Instead, it enhances sleep initiation and leads to a more restful sleep. We also compound it with glycine to further aid sleep.