[ seh-reh-broh-lye-sin ]

Cerebrolysin is a multimodal neuronal peptide. It is manufactured by a large pharmacy company, EVERPharma, and has extensive human research to support its efficacy and safety. It is widely utilized in Austria, some other countries in the EU and Asia, as a first line therapy for brain injury, stroke, and dementia recovery. Despite it being well tolerated and having a high safety profile, it has not been approved by the FDA for use in the US yet. Cerebrolysin has many functions, not only is neuroprotective, but it has also been shown to assist with neurorecovery, neural repair, and has even been shown to be beneficial in TBI, post stroke, and for dementia/Alzheimer's/anesthesia related brain fog. Cerebrolysin has also been shown to decrease neuropathic pain and some studies support it being used preventatively in people who are at high risk for dementia. It may also offer benefits with other neurocognitive disorders such as anxiety/depression. To put it simply, cerebrolysin helps protect your brain and nerves, while decreasing brain/nerve inflammation, and results in brain healing/recovery, nerve healing/recovery, and decreased nerve pain. Cerebrolysin can be injected intramuscularly, directly around nerves, or mixed into an IV for systemic infusion.