Stemwave uses super sonic sound waves (traveling at 3,355 mph). These sound waves can penetrate the depth of a soup can into the body and we are able to see a positive biological effect basically wherever we place this on the human body. At this point we are seeing a handful of studies published that demonstrate stem cells are activated within minutes after this acoustic therapy. MECHANOTRANSDUCTION is the process responsible for creating the shearing force that is working on a cellular level. This high pressure, followed by a negative tensile force, helps shed microvesicles, messenger RNA & exosomes that seem to trick the body into thinking its been injured, without any damage to the cells and tissue. Its like we're able to flip a switch within our innate immune system that calls into action these stem cells, repair cells & other helper cells that are part of our early responders that are needed for repair & healing. By combining this with Placental exosome therapy we can markedly increase the efficacy of of both procedures.